Young People Make Great Entrepreneurs, Sawyer Howitt Says

Can young people be successful entrepreneurs? It seems like an odd question, given all the young people who have created successful startups, such as Mark Zuckerberg. However, many older and middle-age people will tell you that young people can not be entrepreneurs, because they simply do not have the necessary experience. However, the opposite is true, as young people often have advantages older people do not have.

Fortune Magazine says that young entrepreneurs are usually starting businesses in their twenties, and that more young people are starting businesses than older people. Older entrepreneurs usually started their business in their mid-thirties or forties.


However, some older people may still distrust younger entrepreneurs. Sawyer Howitt, an experienced young entrepreneur, gave some useful advice to young people in the workplace. First of all, prove yourself through your work. If you work efficiently and produce great results, you’ll be able to prove them wrong. Next, make sure to market those results. If you are successful, do not be quiet about it. You need to be out there and get yourself heard and seen.

It is hard to otherwise stand out in a large corporation. Next, be honest about your capabilities. Nobody wants to see someone who pretends they know everything. Be honest about what you do not know, and show that you can learn and adapt easily. Next, do not give up, even though it is easy to get discouraged. Finally, show how your young age is an advantage. For example, young people have more enthusiasm and energy.

Sawyer Howitt is a well known Young Entrepreneur. He understands the business aspects of a company. He also understands the soul aspects, which is the part of being personal and connecting with customers.

Sawyer Howitt is Project Manager and Meriwether Group. He is also a great philanthropist.