The talented Todd Levine

Todd Levine is a well-known attorney in the country. His love for art, music, Science, and mathematics have pushed him to think outside the box. According to him, he has the skill of playing the guitar, a keyboard as well as drawing. His love for both science and mathematics has seen him do the best for his clients regarding coming up with accurate and quantified arguments about a case.


One of his best cases was the one that a mediator came with entirely new evidence that he had never seen before. Out of confusion, he pulled the papers and looked at them keenly. Within a short period, Todd Levine managed to pull out a document that turned everything around. Even the mediator was shocked by the turn of events as he was sure Mr. Levine would not likely get out of the mess. Ever since that, the mediator to date speaks highly of him.


His love for the family law led to him together with other partners to start a law firm that deals with both litigation and non-litigation matters. The company, known as Silverman, Kaplan, Kluger, and Katzen and Levine has its offices in Miami as well as Minneapolis and Boca Rotan. His vision for loving to do what they like most led to the establishment of the organization. The company started small with only 17 attorneys, and currently, it has grown to about 30 of them. At the moment, they handle high profile cases and among their clients are athletes, politician and prominent businessmen as well.


A well-known case was that of Alex Rodriguez who was a former baseball player. The firm handled his divorce case. Despite not taking part in the divorce case, he has managed to represent Mr. Rodriguez in many other cases. He talk of thinking smarter.

Marc Beer

Marc Beer Founder of Renovia


Renovia, co-founded by Mark Beer, will proceed with new products after it closed a $ 32 million series B on Tuesday. The plan will progress despite a $ 10 million debt risk. Boston-based Matt Technology researchers estimate that 250 million women treated with pelvic floor diseases, such as urinary incontinence worldwide, are affected. Renovia’s first product, Leva, was approved by the FDA in April.


The Longwood Fund, an investment firm in healthcare invested in Renovia. The series B round was led by Perceptive Advisors from New York, and Ascension ventures Missouri-based firm. The funding will be used to develop and test four therapeutic and diagnostic products, including a new generation of Leva devices.


Investors in Healthcare


Marc Beer stated that healthcare deserves the support of these leading groups of healthcare investors who, like them, want to diagnose better, treat and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disease. By combining innovative and exclusive sensor technology and a form factor with digital health platforms, customers can gain valuable data, and get new treatment options.Patients will be aware and understand pelvic floor disease, therefore, reducing costs.

Renovia is Mr. Beer’s first company since 2015. Marc Beer is also a strategic advisor to OvaScience. The Waltham biotechnology announced this month that it will merge with Millendo Therapeutics based in Michigan.


Marc Beer’s Career Background


Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience in the growth and commercializing of biotechnology, equipment in pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. In August 2016, he founded Dr. Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda Lorié and Renovia, and completed the series A financing of leading medical insurance venture capital funds. In 2000, he became the CEO of VIACAC, a biotech company that specialized in the assortment, storage, and in umbilical-cord blood stem cells development. Years under the leadership of Marc, the company employees increased to 300. It was later bought by PerkinElmer – NYSE: PKI, in 2007.


Marc Beer served as the CEO of ViaCell, and also served as a board member of Erytech Pharma. Before joining ViaCell, he was at Genzyme. He served as the vice president of global marketing, and he was given the role of launching several products for people with rare diseases around the world. New York Stock Exchange: ABT. Marc Beer is a former member of the Massachusetts Scientific Committee-MSC and works for the organization of the Biotechnology Industry Organization.


He is the chairman of the Compensation Committee-CC, and a member of the Minerva and Neuroscience Audit Committee, NASDAQ- NERV. He is a member of the Advisory Committee-AC, of the University of Miami-ACUM, and a member of the Notre Dame Research Marketing Advisory Board-NDRMAB, and the Research Advisory Committee of Noordam High School. Marc Beer holds a BS from the University of Miami. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Links Families

Securus Technologies is a leading communications companies that supply platforms for correctional institutions, safety associations, and law enforcement agencies. Securus uses state-of-the-art technology and processes to service over 3,400 customers and 1,200,000 inmates and their families.


Securus offers phone service that works on the Android, iPad, tablets, and landline phone systems. Different plans include prepaid plans, collect call plans, direct billing plans, and inmate debit plans, where the inmate pays the cost for the call. A very popular plan is the video call system where each caller can see one another via a web camera located on each end of the call. Email, Jail Voicemail, and money transfer systems are available as well.


Most recently, GTL, a competitor of Securus, has boasted publically and in their advertisements that their pricing structure and servicing capabilities exceed those of Securus in impossible and untruthful ways. Securus has offered to create a public challenge of those claims and to have the results judged by an independent third party. That would be the fair thing to do in light of all of the preposterous claims that GTL has made.


Once the challenge was announced, there was utter and complete silence from GTL, and finally, they declined the challenge. This was expected, as for how could a lie suddenly become the truth? With the Securus call center winning award after award, and the huge, sophisticated systems that are in place, Securus continues to win accolades from customers.


Securus takes their customers and their satisfaction very seriously as that is the glue that keeps everything going. Without happy customers, a service business is dead in the water. The ability to connect inmates with family and friends is very helpful for inmates, and it relates to how well they deal with the facts of their incarceration. That one link to the outside is the important one, and family makes all the difference in the world.