Securus Technologies Links Families

Securus Technologies is a leading communications companies that supply platforms for correctional institutions, safety associations, and law enforcement agencies. Securus uses state-of-the-art technology and processes to service over 3,400 customers and 1,200,000 inmates and their families.


Securus offers phone service that works on the Android, iPad, tablets, and landline phone systems. Different plans include prepaid plans, collect call plans, direct billing plans, and inmate debit plans, where the inmate pays the cost for the call. A very popular plan is the video call system where each caller can see one another via a web camera located on each end of the call. Email, Jail Voicemail, and money transfer systems are available as well.


Most recently, GTL, a competitor of Securus, has boasted publically and in their advertisements that their pricing structure and servicing capabilities exceed those of Securus in impossible and untruthful ways. Securus has offered to create a public challenge of those claims and to have the results judged by an independent third party. That would be the fair thing to do in light of all of the preposterous claims that GTL has made.


Once the challenge was announced, there was utter and complete silence from GTL, and finally, they declined the challenge. This was expected, as for how could a lie suddenly become the truth? With the Securus call center winning award after award, and the huge, sophisticated systems that are in place, Securus continues to win accolades from customers.


Securus takes their customers and their satisfaction very seriously as that is the glue that keeps everything going. Without happy customers, a service business is dead in the water. The ability to connect inmates with family and friends is very helpful for inmates, and it relates to how well they deal with the facts of their incarceration. That one link to the outside is the important one, and family makes all the difference in the world.