The Success Story of the OSI Group

The OSI Group happens to be the largest food provider globally, and it specializes in meat and food processing. The company has 65 facilities in 17 countries and has managed to hire a reliable workforce of 20,000 employees considering that the market at hand is massive. Currently, the company has Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, and he has brought tangible results that have put it on the global map. Either way that has not always been the case since the company started from the ground as a meat shop that was put up by an immigrant named Kolschowsky. The intention of the founder of the OSI Group was only to serve his people whom he felt he could relate with easily not knowing it would thrive and get famous in the global food industry. The fact that there was a ready market for the meat saw the business flourish within a short time and had to have proper management hence the inclusion of other family members being the founder’s sons. In that case, it became a family business belonging to Otto & Sons and that portrayed massive growth and achievement for mere immigrants.

The kind of changes that the OSI Group experienced before getting to its current position is a journey that depicts resilience and commitment. With the achievements as Otto & Sons, the company had to seek partners with whom they would have their products displayed and sold. Therefore, the company got into its first partnership with McDonalds; another family business whom they felt were the right people to work together in their business. In the partnership agreement, the Otto & Sons Company would provide McDonalds with ground beef which boosted their business and made it grow indisputably. The company rebranded to OSI Group twenty years after getting into partnership with McDonalds and seventy-five years since it was founded as a meat shop. OSI Group success story comes from far which is an encouragement to many in business not to despair and to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself even when the environment does not allow. If Kolschowsky considered that he was an immigrant and bury the idea of selling meat, OSI Group could never have come into being. Currently, the company has been recognized as one that preserves and sustains the environment which helps in improving its reputation hence gaining popularity and returns as well.