Freedom Checks, A Legitimate Investment

There are ‘programs’ out there that advertise free checks to be claimed by signing up to those programs. Freedom Checks is one of those programs, promoted by Matt Badiali. The most recent ad, by Mike Burnick, has called them Trump Bonus Checks. It promotes the business idea that people who love this country should be receiving these Freedom Checks. These programs are targeted toward senior citizens, promising checks of thousands of dollars.Freedom Checks may seem like a scam, but an investigation proved that they are not it is a legitimate investment.

They were enacted in nineteen eighty seven. Over five hundred companies currently meet the requirements to give out these checks. The first requirement is that most of their the investment revenue comes from operating with oil and gas. The second requirement is to pay these checks to investors. The people who are claiming Freedom Checks to be a scam just don’t understand investing and how it works. They aren’t government funded like Social Security and aren’t a retirement account. They’re actually larger than Social Security payments and don’t have an age or income requirement to receive a check. Matt Badiali is seeing it as a lucrative investment.

Matt found out about these checks while working on a project that involved him meeting CEOs of oil and mining companies around the business world. He found out about master limited partnerships, which is the group of companies that can give out these checks. Master limited partnership companies don’t have to pay taxes, which means they can pay more money to investors. Investing in an MLP is a low risk that can lead to a steady income. There are people out there making anywhere from ten thousand to fifty thousand dollars a month with these checks. But those people are top investors, not ordinary people. Still, anyone can invest in an MLP and use the checks to improve their retirement savings.

Boraie Development is Sweeping Newark Citizens Off of Their Feet

Boraie Development has been making headlines recently. The company is playing a major role in the redevelopment efforts of Newark, New Jersey. This once graceful city has seen some wear and tear over the years. This is the exact kind of city that Boraie Development looks for when they are setting out to develop real estate. The companies motto is to revitalize “less-than-perfect” areas in the United States and Canada. For Newark, Boraie Development had a little help from the big man. No, not god. The other big man. Shaquille O’Neil partnered with Boraie Development to assist them in creating the new high-rise — the first high-rise in 50 years in the city — and has stated that he plans on taking resident in the buildings top floor.


The partnership between O’Neil and Omar Boraie may seem unusual at first. After all, what does the NBA superstar have to do with real estate development projects? Well, it all goes back to Shaq’s childhood. Shaq recalled a time when his mother told him how beautiful the city used to be and how she wished that someone could return it to its former glory. Shaq took that to heart and decided that he wanted to do something about it. Shaq decided to join Boraie to help resurrect Newark hand-in-hand. The fit was a natural one. At the opening ceremony for the new rental unit One Rector Street, Shaq called the Boraie “the Kobe Bryant of development”. To see more you can visit


One Rector Street may be the formal name to the Boraie development high-rise, but it’s not the name that people on the street are calling it. Shaq Towers is going to have luxury rooms at an affordable price. It’s 21 stories tall and has over 160 rental units occupying its spaces. The project, which was backed by Goldman Sachs, is one of the first in many development projects that Boraie has planned.


What’s next? Boraie and Shaq are partnering again for a massive new high-rise. This one is a $150 million, 35-story complex that will give host to over 350 apartments. Boraie has a history of cleaning up worn down cities, so the joint venture between Newark and Boraie seemed like a natural fit. The city, of course, is up to the challenge. The mayor personally thanked Boraie and stood hand-in-hand with the developers at the opening ceremony. For more details you can visit




The Man At The Helm Of Capital Group

On July 28, 2015, Timothy Armour was named the chairman of Capital Group. He initially served as the chairman of the firm’s management committee and Capital Research Management Committee.

Timothy Armour investment experience of 32 years with Capital Group, Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and joined Capital Group after graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont, and is a champion of active management.

There have been fast growing economies and high inflation rates. This has resulted in the times of new US President-elect Donald Trump. Timothy Armour, pieces of advice investors on the uncertainties in the global markets due to regime changes to curb the high inflation rates in the new governing policies after noticing a shift in the stock markets with banks striving and doing well while real estate and utility sectors weakening.

The planning for investment answers are aiming to satisfy the savings, retreat benefits and assurance related requirements of Korean financial specialists. The Capital Group and Seoul-based Samsung Asset Management entered a key organization to collaborate on creating dynamic venture practices for institutional and retail speculators. Tim Armour’s view under the agreement portrays that Capital Group will aid the Korean partner to familiarize with Capital-style active management and work to offer knowledge in business and client management.

The 2015 September selloff was China’s unanticipated decision to degrade its currency, a shock to financial markets according to CNBC. China’s economic progression rate is slowing expecting that it will still be faster than many developed economies. The Trump reign will be accompanied by quicker economic growth, high inflation, and rising interest rates.

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