How EOS Got Their Start In Business

EOS Lip Balm is known for providing their biggest fans with the most unique tasting lip balm out there. The brand provides great healthy ingredients that can help protect the skin and give it what it needs in order to stay hydrated and clean. The brand recently revealed an article on the process of how they built the brand to what it has become today. It’s incredible what they have done and accomplished, and it’s beautiful how far they have come as well. The EOS Lip Balm was originally just a thought of being a business that the creators wanted to jump into.

Three creators knew they wanted to jump into the world of beauty knowing that women spend billions of dollars everywhere in this specific industry. After some time, they soon realized that there was not only good money but there was one market that really had a lot of leeway. They noticed that chapstick was a huge market that could find a place for a new product. After spending awhile on a product that was unique, they ventured out into the world of getting the product in stores. They eventually got it into Walgreens, Amazon and even eBay. Soon enough, they were using influencer marketing outside of traditional advertising and they finally got the opportunity to grow as a team to get the traction built.

For example, big YouTubers and beauty bloggers all talked about how much they loved the beauty of EOS, and they noticed how great the brand really strived to deliver something unique and different. EOS is such a well-known brand in today’s time, and they continue to use their social media platforms to help build so much awareness for the brand in beauty. EOS is the place to be because of the ways them over deliver with their product design.