Guilherme Paulus Soaring High In the Brazilian Hospitality Industry

GJP Hotels and Resorts is a Brazilian chain of hotels. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, the company had come a long way from its inception back in 2005. Currently, the firm employs over 2000 people who work in GJP hotels and buildings across different Brazilian states. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Gramado, Confins and Salvador are some of the areas in which GJP Hotels and Resorts operates in. The man behind this spectacular business venture is Guilherme Paulus. GJP Hotels and Resorts is not the only company under his name, Guilherme is also the co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora. This is a multinational tour company that provides a wide range of services to its clients. Some of these services include; air ticketing, hotel reservations, and transport.

Mr. Paulus was born in 1949. Upon attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Guilherme joined IBM as an intern. Over the years he has gone against all the odds and made sure he has built a name for himself in the entrepreneurial world. In 1972, Guilherme Paulus partnered up with Carlos Vicente and started CVC Operadora. This was after the two met on a ship trip and Mr. Vicente proposed the idea to Guilherme. The two agreed on the terms of the partnership and went on to open the firm which later on grew to be one of the largest tour operating company in Latin America.

With an entrepreneurial mind like that of Mr. Paulus, it is evident that one would feel the need to venture out into other areas of business. It is for this simple reason that in 2006, Guilherme Paulus bought a small airline known as WebJet which has one aircraft at that time. Mr. Paulus put in the right strategies to help the company grow and expand. True to this, Guilherme helped the firm become the third largest airline in Brazil but later on sold it to GOL. It was in 2005 that he started GJP Hotels and Resorts. At that time, the firm was a small establishment. Today the company operates over 15 hotels in different parts of Brazil. Due to the outstanding work, Guilherme Paulus has put in the industry; he was elected the Entrepreneur of The Year in 2017.

Alexandre Gama Has Achieved Many Firsts For Brazil

Alexandra Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur. He founded what is now one of the top advertising companies in Brazil named Neogama. Gama is the CEO and CCO of his company.
Gama has achieved many things that no Brazilian has been able to achieve before. His company Neogama won a Lion at the Cannes Festival during its first year in business. This was the first time that a Golden Lion was awarded to a Brazilian advertising company. He was also the first Brazilian to present a masterclass during the Cannes Festival. Gama is the only Brazilian member of the prestigious Publicis Group Global Creative Board. Gama was also the first Brazilian Global Chief Creative Officer of the BBH. He continues to win many awards and was voted one of the most influential men in the history of Brazilian advertising.