Drew Madden’s Vision for the American Healthcare Industry

Drew Madden, a senior fellow at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, subscribes to the idea that forward-looking healthcare IT entrepreneurs will revolutionize the American healthcare industry. Madden is among the leading healthcare IT entrepreneurs spearheading the use of electronic medical record and electronic health record platforms to create value.

Part of the American healthcare industry for over a decade, Madden is alive to the challenges that healthcare entrepreneurs are up to every single day. The healthcare industry has been criticized for being overly regulated and, as a result, unwelcoming to new players. Madden and other like-minded professionals have had to put up with many other challenges such as political interferences and counter-intuitive payment incentives. Madden, however, has braced up despite the obstacles, designing, implementing, troubleshooting, and dealing with the various challenges of EMR platforms. The story of John Crowley is an apt example of how the healthcare industry welcomes innovations.

Madden’s entry into the healthcare industry must have been influenced by several factors including the fact that US care costs the most. The American government has been on the receiving end for pumping many resources to the healthcare industry, yet the outcome is not as pronounced. World Health Organization (WHO), for instance, has run several studies that have been concluded on the same note: care costs a pretty penny in the U.S. It is such revelations that have pushed entrepreneurs like Madden into the field; they seek to the lower the cost of healthcare or at least create a match between the resources spent and the resulting value.

The U.S government has realized its part in making healthcare cost an arm and a leg and has initiated incentives to rectify the same. Startup America, Open Innovator’s Toolkit, and Open Data Conference among others are some of the government’s motives to invite innovations in healthcare.

Drew Madden will continue to contribute to the American healthcare industry not only through innovations but also management skills. He was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners before embarking on his current job. To say that he revolutionized Nordic is an understatement. When he assumed the leadership of Nordic, the company had 10 employees, three client partners, and $1 million in revenues. His five-year tenure saw the number of client partners climb to 150. The number of employees rose to 725, and Nordic revenues increased to $130 million.

Boraie Development is Sweeping Newark Citizens Off of Their Feet

Boraie Development has been making headlines recently. The company is playing a major role in the redevelopment efforts of Newark, New Jersey. This once graceful city has seen some wear and tear over the years. This is the exact kind of city that Boraie Development looks for when they are setting out to develop real estate. The companies motto is to revitalize “less-than-perfect” areas in the United States and Canada. For Newark, Boraie Development had a little help from the big man. No, not god. The other big man. Shaquille O’Neil partnered with Boraie Development to assist them in creating the new high-rise — the first high-rise in 50 years in the city — and has stated that he plans on taking resident in the buildings top floor.


The partnership between O’Neil and Omar Boraie may seem unusual at first. After all, what does the NBA superstar have to do with real estate development projects? Well, it all goes back to Shaq’s childhood. Shaq recalled a time when his mother told him how beautiful the city used to be and how she wished that someone could return it to its former glory. Shaq took that to heart and decided that he wanted to do something about it. Shaq decided to join Boraie to help resurrect Newark hand-in-hand. The fit was a natural one. At the opening ceremony for the new rental unit One Rector Street, Shaq called the Boraie “the Kobe Bryant of development”. To see more you can visit wsj.com


One Rector Street may be the formal name to the Boraie development high-rise, but it’s not the name that people on the street are calling it. Shaq Towers is going to have luxury rooms at an affordable price. It’s 21 stories tall and has over 160 rental units occupying its spaces. The project, which was backed by Goldman Sachs, is one of the first in many development projects that Boraie has planned.


What’s next? Boraie and Shaq are partnering again for a massive new high-rise. This one is a $150 million, 35-story complex that will give host to over 350 apartments. Boraie has a history of cleaning up worn down cities, so the joint venture between Newark and Boraie seemed like a natural fit. The city, of course, is up to the challenge. The mayor personally thanked Boraie and stood hand-in-hand with the developers at the opening ceremony. For more details you can visit centraljerseyworkingmoms.com



Visit: https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick