Securus Technologies Featured In NBC Report About Preventing Crimes

Recently, NBC Miami featured a story about Securus Technologies and how they are preventing crimes. The story talked about Robert Johnson, who was a correctional officer in Florida. He worked for a decade and a half at his job. His job was to confiscate materials that were being brought into the prison facilities illegally. He was doing a pretty good job. That, unfortunately, led to a bad incident.


One day at work, he confiscated a large package of contraband that was brought in for the inmates. It was expected to contain fifty thousand dollars worth of illegal stuff. The prisoners who were expecting the package got very mad when it got confiscated. They wanted to get back at Robert Johnson. Unfortunately, they had access to a cell phone. They used the cell phone to contact a former inmate and instruct him to do the dirty work.


Around two weeks later, Robert Johnson was waking up at around half past five, as usual, and someone started banging down the door. That person had a gun. He entered the house and shot Robert Johnson in the chest six times. Robert passed out and did not remember what happened next. He found himself in the hospital. He had to get over two dozen surgeries. He still has to get surgeries, and he still has pain from those injuries.


The point of the story is that it is dangerous when inmates have access to cell phones. They can accomplish a great deal of damage. Another story that should concern everyone is a story that happened in Georgia. There, inmates at a prison were angry at someone, so they wanted to get back at him. They managed to use a cell phone to contact a former inmate and get him to shoot the nephew of that man. The nephew was a mere baby, and the man shot him while he was in the arms of his mother. This shows why we need to keep cell phones away from inmates.


The only question is how we can do that. What is the solution to this pressing problem? It is not always possible to confiscate the cell phones. You may never find where they are hiding them. The cellphones can be smuggled in without the knowledge of officers at the prisons.


Fortunately, Securus Technologies has created the Wireless Containment Solution. This is a special solution that actually prevents calls from going through if they are not made by an authorized cell phone. There is no other product like this. Everything else does not work and does not prevent inmates from making calls on cell phones that they have hidden.

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