Omar Boraie is the visionary that New Brunswick Needed

Omar Boraie is the head of Boraie Development LLC. Through this real estate company, he has been able to rebuild New Brunswick from the ground up and remake it to be like one of the great European cities. Many people said he couldn’t do it, but after forty years of working hard, New Brunswick, New Jersey is a bustling metropolis today.


Omar Boraie ensured that New Brunswick would grow by looking at accomplishing three things. The first thing he had to do was help the area be more appealing to young families. In the beginning, parents were not willing to raise their children in New Brunswick. They wanted a place that was better established and had better kid programs.


Omar Boraie helped make New Brunswick family-friendly by donating to the schools and helping them to repair and rebuild In addition to this; he gave $150 million to the city council to be used as scholarship money to help college students attending university in the city of New Brunswick.


He also helped the city become more family-friendly by working with the State Theater to offer movie nights to the public free of charge. Boraie Development sponsored seven animated movies that could be viewed by families. Over 7,500 were able to attend these summer movie nights.


Omar Boraie also began working so that he could reduce the unemployment in the area. His first goal was to get Johnson and Johnson on board with his vision. He was able to work out an agreement between them and the city council that allowed them to stay and open another factory.


Omar Boraie also began bringing new jobs to the area. He thought that the best way to accomplish this would be to custom build factories for exceptionally low prices. He needed to do this so that businesses would choose New Brunswick over competing cities. Once New Brunswick had additional work, people began to come so that they could land a job.


Now that the unemployment was dropping, it was time for Omar to focus on the middle-class worker. He took a very similar approach that he did with factories. This time, he built office space and residential areas that were styled for the upper class but then offered them to professionals at middle-class prices. This allowed doctors, attorneys, and counselors who were opening their practices for the first time to secure necessary space. You can search on Yahoo to see more.




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