Duda Melzer Was Groomed To Be A Media Mogul

Brazilian love the beach, tiny bikinis, a good barbecue, beer, and Brazilian soap operas. But those loves are just a few of the things that Brazilians enjoy on a regular basis. The people of Brazil also like to listen, read, and watch what’s happening in their massive country. And there’s one man that wakes up every morning and gives Brazilians what they want. His name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. But Duda is the name his family gave him when he was a boy. Duda is the CEO of the RBS Group, one of the largest media groups in the country.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the grandson of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. Sobrinho is the man who got RBS started in the city of Porto Alegre in 1957. Mr. Sobrinho became a Globo affiliate in the South of Brazil in 1967. Sobrinho’s Rede Brasil Sul de Televisão, or Brazil South Television Network was an independent at first. But while Duda was learning how to be a media man by watching his grandfather run a media business, Sobrinho had another brainstorm. Mauricio thought TV Gaúcha was a better name for his growing media interests in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Sobrinho thought TV Gaúcha would be a hit in the state of Santa Caterina, and in 1967 TV Gaúcha and Rede Globo put a deal together.

Today, Duda Melzer is the man who oversees the RBS Media Group’s giant news and entertainment empire. The RBS TV segment of the company owns 18 television stations in Santa Catherina and in Rio Grande do Sul. There are 12 TV stations in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and six in the state of Santa Catarina. Duda still calls Porto Alegre his home, but he has business interests all over Brazil. Melzer’s education and professional accomplishments are well-known in the South and in the North of Brazil. The RBS Group has annual revenue of more than a billion reals. And Duda’s philanthropic endeavors make him one of Brazil’s leading humanitarians. You can visit Valor to know more.

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