The Life at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare began in 1985 to provide residence to the old. The old people who want to enjoy life to the fullest and are seeking the professional companion and medical attention have a place at Sussex. The institution reaches out to the whole of Sussex by providing more than 23 living homes scattered around. The houses have more than 500-bed spaces. We have nurses in all the units who attend to the needs of every patient at all time. Also, each home has a qualified chef with a determined team of assistants ready to provide a well-prepared meal for all the residents, especially those that need a special dietary. The workers at Sussex shows genuine concern about the health of the patients. Apart from taking care of the old, Sussex Healthcare invites adults suffering from various disorders like neurological conditions, learning disabilities, autism, and brain injuries. Thus, we have a noticeable understanding of the people who call Sussex home.

Early this year, the institution announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Shortly after, the CEO acquainted herself with the situation around Sussex before beginning her role. Her first plan of action started by visiting all the homes around Sussex to interact with the residents, workers, and the community at large. Morgan-Taylor answered the various question on how she would handle issues at Sussex Healthcare within the role of her office. The core agenda of the leader is to co-operate accordingly with the rest of the administrative team to offer service improvement, quality of life, and compliance.

As a visionary leader, Morgan-Taylor works herself through leadership ranks to the current post. Initially, she worked as a managing director, service director, and quality development director. Thus, she sees through all the challenges her workers encounter. Moreover, the leader listens to different ideas from her employees and gives a chance to try them out. Therefore, Morgan-Taylor qualifies to provide professional medical care at Sussex Healthcare. The CEO began her career as a mental health nurse in 1984. The individual has more than 30 years of experience practicing in both the private and public healthcare arenas. The appointment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor to lead Sussex Healthcare showed a brighter life for the patients this year and in the future.


Dr. Clay Siegall is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Seattle Genetics. Dr. Clay founded the company in 1998 with an objective of developing antibody-based cancer therapies. Seattle Genetics developed the first antibody-drug conjugate that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011 called ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin).

The company has developed more than 20 drugs and has gotten into strategic partnerships with manufacturers such as Genentech, Bayer, and Pfizer. Seattle Genetics has grown to become one of the biggest companies in cancer drugs research and has very experienced researchers in the biotech industry. The company is set to become a leader in cancer drug development through its numerous drugs that are in the development pipeline.

Dr. Siegall does not believe that the systematic chemotherapies are effective hence will be soon discarded. That is why his company is working very hard to develop therapies that are more efficient and cost-effective. He believes that in decades to come, chemotherapies will be a thing of the past and will be replaced by targeted therapy drug for cancer that is more tolerable and effective.

Dr. Clay Siegall developed an interest in cancer therapies when a member of his family was diagnosed with cancer. During the treatment, he noted that his family member nearly died not because of cancer but because of acute anaemia caused by chemotherapy. He learned other treatment options available include amputation or radical surgery. It is at this point that he vowed to himself to develop a cancer therapy that was more tolerable and effective.

The other reason he founded Seattle Genetics was partly to make money. He noted that while working with Bristol as a senior researcher, the patents that he worked on earned the company millions of money but all he got was a paycheck. He decided to be his boss and have his long hours of research patented in his name.

Dr. Siegall Clay has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland and also a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. He previously worked from 1991 to 1997 at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as well as National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991.

The Career Life of Lori Senecal

The business world needs intelligent and perseverant minds. It is full of competition and challenges. This is what makes it worthwhile to fight for it. It is only great because many people do not have it. Women were previously denied the chance to lead. However, some women did not let the ways of the society confine them to not being great. Lori Senecal is among these women.

Lori Senecal is a household name in the advertisement world. She has robust skills and knowledge in the field. Lori Senecal is the former global executive of the KBS Company. When she joined the firm, it was operating at a domestic level. Today, the KBS Company has multiple offices countrywide and has 800 employees. Lori Senecal has also been serving as the Global CEO of the CP+B. She is scheduled to retire this year.


This will be a loss for the CP+B because Lori Senecal has been indispensable to the company. Chuck Porter, the Chairman, and CEO of the firm said that the firm is much better today compared to how she found it. He assured the clients that they would include Lori Senecal in nominating the new leaders to ensure they continue getting quality services.


Lori Senecal has always been a leader. She stopped being a follower long before she began her career. She explains that in high school, she was a coach of the gymnastics team. The position helped him know how to deal with other people and communicate with them without being judgmental. He also acquired some tips on becoming the great leader she is today.


As the coach of the gymnastics team, she had to ensure they won if she wanted to enjoy the victory. She, therefore, had to focus on the factors that could improve the team. In the ad world, this is the same thing. Lori Senecal says that she only makes money if her client makes money. In fact, there is an adage in the ad world that one is just as precious as their last advert. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Lori Senecal says that she has always been positive throughout her career. In terms of success, she has always counted herself successful because of her motivational spirit. In terms of financial profitability, it took her time. She, however, mentions that KBS did not take a long time like other conglomerates to make money. This was because of the great team that they had in the firm. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.



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Todd Lubar Is An Investment Guru

Todd Lubar is a top U.S. real estate investor and is a leading mortgage lender. Mr. Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC in Maryland, and the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Todd has worked in the real estate industry for more than 20 years and he has also had careers in the construction and the entertainment industry.


He created TDL Ventures to provide a better prudent lending program to help individuals find the financial prowess they need to accomplish their goals without a lot of strings attached. Mr. Lubar notes that the real estate market is becoming profitable again throughout the country.


This is a lucrative time for investors to invest in the Maryland real estate market. For example, the Potomac real estate market listings are the strongest in the country. Over the past few years, the housing prices in the area have increased rapidly, causing an accelerated influx of buying in the Potomac area.


One of the primary drivers of the upward real estate trend is the areas strong economy. Due to the investable job markets in the Potomac area, more manufacturing, professional, scientific, and tech industries are hiring workers for quality positions.


With this incentive, now is the best time to begin searching for your prime properties. One of the proven indicators of investment opportunities is how quickly an area is growing. Additional indicators include what ‘limited inventory’ is available.


Limited residential homes can start a bidding war which means if you want to find property it is best to find it off-list. To find the right sellers, a winning principle is to cold mail local homeowners.


Let your introduction to them ask if they have any interested in selling. This sounds too simple, but it has proven to be one of the more promising methods to locate potential sellers in advance.


Mr. Lubar said that there are many ways to become lucrative through investment techniques in real estate. Your options can include the art of flipping properties for a fast profit. Or people can purchase a real property, then rent it to tenants for a monthly fee.


Another promising indicator for real estate investors is in the field of financing. Todd suggests that investors should have a solid financial plan before they make an offer on a mortgage property or rental property.


Also, investors should become familiar with all of Maryland’s regulations involving investing in rental residential property. Todd Lubar notes that banks as lenders want to know that investors have a strong investment plan to make back their money in the near future.


Before deciding on your investing strategy, you need to understand the ins and outs of the local real estate market. He further suggests that the best way to get approved for a loan is to prepare all your projected financial property data in advance to your appearance before the lender.


Todd Lubar states that to secure your financial future, invest in the Potomac realty market because its capital value appreciating future represents continued growth.


Betsy DeVos and a Broad Mind

Betsy DeVos is a being who many people could describe as being “fierce.” They would mean it in the most flattering way, however. She’s fierce in the sense that she’s totally unafraid. She doesn’t let comfort get in the way of her aspirations. She doesn’t let playing it safe rule her universe, either. Dick DeVos is a widely appreciated American businessman who is reminiscent of his wife in this respect. He in the past functioned as the Amway Corp’s trusted leader. He exited that major role toward the start of the 2000s. That was after 10 in-depth years of strong guidance.


Betsy DeVos is President Donald Trump’s chosen Secretary of Education. She’s a common sight in the United States’ massive political scene. People who follow politics in any capacity can’t forget her and all of her work. They can’t forget about her husband, either. Both individuals have managed a lot politically in their own rights. They’ve managed political duties in Michigan. They’ve managed political duties that relate to the United States as a whole as well.


People all over the globe know that President Trump doesn’t usually refrain from revealing his honest thoughts. They sometimes think that the people who are part of his crew are exactly like him. That’s not always based in full reality, though. DeVos doesn’t have any issue with illustrating cohesion within the administration. She doesn’t want anyone to assume that she copies thoughts that didn’t originate in her own head, though. President Trump regularly talks about all sorts of hot topics that are a big deal in the United States. He talked about educational institutions and policies regarding restrooms and transgendered persons. DeVos had a discussion with an individual who was involved in transgendered topics. She told said individual that her feelings varied. People can’t necessarily guess anything about her attitudes. They should just know that she has a brain that operates all by itself. Other people don’t persuade her at all.


DeVos likes to be charitable. She knows that the world is full of people who are in need of further assistance. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is something that gives DeVos a feeling of true purpose. It gives her husband a similar feeling. They worked energetically to introduce the not-for-profit group to the United States in the eighties. They’ve kept working on the organization for years and years, too. Its donations have been helpful to causes that encompass many classifications. They like to make donations that are beneficial for the arts world. They like to make donations that go toward educational concepts, too.


DeVos meets new individuals all of the time. She meets professionals who work in politics. She even meets people who are part of the entertainment industry. Pitbull is a rapper who now has a relationship with DeVos. They know each other so well that they actually teamed up in Miami for a charter school conference. Pitbull likes the idea of charter schools just as much as DeVos does.


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Anthony Petrello Honors Tommy Tune In Posh Reception For A Popular Houston Son

Tommy Tune may have found success on a New York Stage, but he was born and bread in Houston Texas. This past November saw the Broadway Legend honored at a posh reception in the home of Cynthia and Tony Petrello. The former is a known stage and television actress as well as a successful model.

Tony Petrello is the sterling CEO, president, and chairmen of the board for Nabors Industries Oil and Gas. Anthony Petrello is a competent businessman, with keen insight, innovative leadership, and a gift for strategy.

Tony Petrello is a graduate of both Yale and Harvard. He received undergraduate and master’s degrees from Yale, and a law degree from Harvard. Tony Petrello is also an avid philanthropist with a passion for giving back to Houston. He and his wife are passionate supporters of education, protection of cultural landmarks, health, and performing arts through the Petrello Family Foundation. Their reception of Tommy Tune is a feather in their hat, welcoming a beloved son of Houston back properly. The party was thrown at the heels of Tune’s packed show, “Tommy Tune Tonight”, at the Outdoor Theatre.

The event catered to 50 people and allowed guests to walk the grounds while sampling cocktails. Tommy Tune is also a passionate advocate for Houston, giving back through the Tommy Tune Awards. The awards target high school musical theatre productions, granting scholarships to talented students that participate in them. His reception at the Petrellos was a perfect tribute, and a shining example of the couple’s passion for Houston.

From donations to cultural institutions to giving $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital the Petrellos are passionate about improving Houston’s quality of life. Cynthia serves on numerous boards such as the Houston Grand Opera, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Alley Theatre. Tony and Cynthia also served as co-chairs of for a campaign raising $500 million for Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Drew Madden’s Vision for the American Healthcare Industry

Drew Madden, a senior fellow at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, subscribes to the idea that forward-looking healthcare IT entrepreneurs will revolutionize the American healthcare industry. Madden is among the leading healthcare IT entrepreneurs spearheading the use of electronic medical record and electronic health record platforms to create value.

Part of the American healthcare industry for over a decade, Madden is alive to the challenges that healthcare entrepreneurs are up to every single day. The healthcare industry has been criticized for being overly regulated and, as a result, unwelcoming to new players. Madden and other like-minded professionals have had to put up with many other challenges such as political interferences and counter-intuitive payment incentives. Madden, however, has braced up despite the obstacles, designing, implementing, troubleshooting, and dealing with the various challenges of EMR platforms. The story of John Crowley is an apt example of how the healthcare industry welcomes innovations.

Madden’s entry into the healthcare industry must have been influenced by several factors including the fact that US care costs the most. The American government has been on the receiving end for pumping many resources to the healthcare industry, yet the outcome is not as pronounced. World Health Organization (WHO), for instance, has run several studies that have been concluded on the same note: care costs a pretty penny in the U.S. It is such revelations that have pushed entrepreneurs like Madden into the field; they seek to the lower the cost of healthcare or at least create a match between the resources spent and the resulting value.

The U.S government has realized its part in making healthcare cost an arm and a leg and has initiated incentives to rectify the same. Startup America, Open Innovator’s Toolkit, and Open Data Conference among others are some of the government’s motives to invite innovations in healthcare.

Drew Madden will continue to contribute to the American healthcare industry not only through innovations but also management skills. He was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners before embarking on his current job. To say that he revolutionized Nordic is an understatement. When he assumed the leadership of Nordic, the company had 10 employees, three client partners, and $1 million in revenues. His five-year tenure saw the number of client partners climb to 150. The number of employees rose to 725, and Nordic revenues increased to $130 million.

Boraie Development is Sweeping Newark Citizens Off of Their Feet

Boraie Development has been making headlines recently. The company is playing a major role in the redevelopment efforts of Newark, New Jersey. This once graceful city has seen some wear and tear over the years. This is the exact kind of city that Boraie Development looks for when they are setting out to develop real estate. The companies motto is to revitalize “less-than-perfect” areas in the United States and Canada. For Newark, Boraie Development had a little help from the big man. No, not god. The other big man. Shaquille O’Neil partnered with Boraie Development to assist them in creating the new high-rise — the first high-rise in 50 years in the city — and has stated that he plans on taking resident in the buildings top floor.


The partnership between O’Neil and Omar Boraie may seem unusual at first. After all, what does the NBA superstar have to do with real estate development projects? Well, it all goes back to Shaq’s childhood. Shaq recalled a time when his mother told him how beautiful the city used to be and how she wished that someone could return it to its former glory. Shaq took that to heart and decided that he wanted to do something about it. Shaq decided to join Boraie to help resurrect Newark hand-in-hand. The fit was a natural one. At the opening ceremony for the new rental unit One Rector Street, Shaq called the Boraie “the Kobe Bryant of development”. To see more you can visit


One Rector Street may be the formal name to the Boraie development high-rise, but it’s not the name that people on the street are calling it. Shaq Towers is going to have luxury rooms at an affordable price. It’s 21 stories tall and has over 160 rental units occupying its spaces. The project, which was backed by Goldman Sachs, is one of the first in many development projects that Boraie has planned.


What’s next? Boraie and Shaq are partnering again for a massive new high-rise. This one is a $150 million, 35-story complex that will give host to over 350 apartments. Boraie has a history of cleaning up worn down cities, so the joint venture between Newark and Boraie seemed like a natural fit. The city, of course, is up to the challenge. The mayor personally thanked Boraie and stood hand-in-hand with the developers at the opening ceremony. For more details you can visit




Bob Reina uses enhanced technology through his company Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, a company that deals with video marketing founded by Bob Reina who is still the CEO of the company that was established in 2007. Their doors were first opened to the public through the flagship products through video email. With the experience that Bod Reina has in marketing and direct sale of the industry for 20 years. With that Bob leads the company in its immediate success through the vision that he has, leadership that is charismatic, and he got the passion for helping others. Bob believes in family, communities, friends and animal charities, and that is why he gives his full commitment to giving back.

Bod Reina does not have any background when it comes to computer science or IT. His career path was in law enforcement that he practiced for 20 years before decided that it was time to retire and find something else to do. That’s what lead him to have an interest when it came to direct selling, and before Bod Reina started his own direct selling business, Bob worked with other firms that gave him the experience that he has. He was on vacation and the videos that he had taken he wanted to share with his friends, but it was not possible to send the file via email because they were too large and the feature that exists in Facebook was not by then available. Learn more:

So that lead him to come up with the decision of developing software that was able to do it and with that Bod Reina and his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen come up with precisely that. In three years, the release of Talk Fusion video was made and with that followed the other communication tools. Bob Reina says that the joy that he has when running Talk Fusion is getting to hear people talk of experiences that they had when they joined the program and have been able to make money by selling the products. Talk Fusion will not be able to make money if the associates don’t sell the products. In Tampa, he gave $1 million to an animal shelter that’s what has built him to become a philanthropist.




Betsy Devos’ Charitable and Political Work For Education

One of the reasons that Betsy Devos was chosen by President Trump to be the Secretary of Education was the fact that she has a long track record of involvement in educational issues. This involvement includes work on both a policy and a philanthropic level.


Betsy Devos and her husband Dick are both from wealthy families, and they have shown through their charitable work that they are committed to helping those who have not had the opportunities that they have been presented with. Much of the charitable focus of the Devos’ has been in the area of education.


Mrs. Devos began her involvement in the educational world when she was choosing a school for her children. She visited a school called Potter’s House Christian School where she realized that many of the parent’s were struggling to pay the tuition for their children to attend. She began helping individual students with their tuition bills. She has continued to contribute to this school over the years.


The Devos Family Foundation provides significant amounts of money each year to a variety of charitable causes in their state and across the United States. Over one-fourth of the money that Betsy Devos and her family donate goes to educational causes.


Betsy Devos wasn’t content to just give money to help others pay for their tuition to private schools. She knew that to really make a difference, she would need to work for systemic change within the educational system.


School choice is Mrs. Devos political passion. She worked for many years within the state of Michigan to see that state adopt school vouchers to be used at both public and private schools. While her efforts weren’t as successful in Michigan as she hoped, her efforts to promote school choice have been instrumental in seeing the adoption of school vouchers in a number of states and in the District of Columbia.


In a recent interview, Mrs. Devos has stated that the most success in the school vouchers program have come from the states of Florida, Louisiana and Indiana. She attributes these successes to the grassroots efforts of passionate people who cared about education in these states.


Now, Betsy Devos is in a position to work for educational reforms throughout the nation. Even as she works as part of the federal government, she continues her charitable work contributing millions of dollars each year to educational causes and to individual colleges and schools.


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